Welcome to Aedir.

A world of adventure, intrigue, and heroic fantasy. It is a world where heroic adventurers delve deep in the ruins of old, stave off the horrific plots of ancient evils, and wage war against the epitome of evil.

Great adventure lies ahead for those who dare to heed the call. Roguish treasure hunters scoff at archaic warnings scrawled into the crumbling walls of ancient ruins. Studious wizards pour over timeworn tomes of untold power. The faithful rally under the banners of the righteous that call upon the divine for aid. Warlocks dabble in forbidden pacts with patrons best left untold to master the power of the arcane. Warriors defend their lands against vile enemies too foul for the light of day.

The evil forces of the world work their malevolent plans from the shadows eager to consume the world in their dark ideals. In the wilds of the the world marauders of various races plague the more civilized people. The world is a place of rugged beauty and primal animus.


Mark of The Black Hand

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