Xellan Lannrik

A short wiry and gruff Gnomish Alchemist


Lannrik is short even by gnomish standards, his small stature and wiry build are assets to his profession. His hands and work clothes are noticeably pockmarked and stained with various colors and often the smell of acrid chemicals follows him. His black hair is pulled back but still mostly unkempt. Dark bags under his eyes hint at lack of sleep and worry.


At one time he was blackmailed to work as an information broker and alchemist for the mysterious Black Hand organization, he is now on the run and hiding in Fairhaven. Lannriks morals are dubious in nature seeming to worry only about himself. He manipulated the various members of the party through secondary contacts to board the airship headed for Dunwald. During this the party saved the gnome setting them off on their current adventures dealing with the shadow organization only known as the Black Hand.

Xellan Lannrik

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