Ancestral Axe of the Mathan Mor

weapon (melee)

Requires attunement from a dwarf of the Mathan Mor.

You gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls with this magic weapon.

Durin’s Blessing.
While attuned to this weapon double your Proficiency bonus on handle animal checks.

Halvar’s Fury.
While attuned to this weapon during a barbarian rage you add an additional +1 to damage.

Einar’s Might.
While you are attuned to this weapon you can cast Earth Tremor at 1st level once per long rest using strength as your casting ability.


Originally Crafted by an unknown ancestor of Urzhad. His great great grand father Yurrden Ramstay used the axe in many battles until it broke and he reforged it in its current state. After releasing the curse from the Alabaster Citadel the last remaining ghost of Cael’dor, Arran, imbued Urzhad’s ancestral axe with a portion of his power.


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