Gods of Valnar

Good Greater Deities

avandra.png Avandra Chaotic Good Goddess of Change, Luck, and Travel. Patron of Lightfoot Halflings.
Bahamut_holy_symbol.jpg Bahamut Lawful Good god of Justice, Protection, and Nobility. Patron of Dragonborn.
Corellon_symbol_-_Mike_Schely.jpg Corellon Neutral God of Art, Beauty, Magic, and the Fey. Patron of the High Elves.
erathis.png Erathis Lawful Neutral God of Civilization, Inventions and law.
Ioun_-_Holy_Symbol.jpg Ioun Neutral Goddess of Knowledge, Skill, and Prophecy.
Kord_holy_symbol.jpg Kord Chaotic Neutral God of Storms, Battle, and Strength. Patron of the Goliaths.
Melora_holy_symbol.jpg Melora Neutral of Goddess of Wilderness, Nature, and the Sea.
Moradin_symbol_-_Mike_Schely.jpg Moradin Lawful Good God of Family, Community, and Smithing. Patron of Dwarves.
Pelor_holy_symbol.jpg Pelor Neutral Good god of Sun, Agriculture, and time.
Raven_Queen_holy_symbol.jpg Raven Queen Lawful Neutral Goddess of Death, Fate, and Doom.
Sehanine_holy_symbol.jpg Sehanine Chaotic Good Goddess of Illusion, Love, and the Moon.

Good Lesser Deities

Anadariel.jpg Anadariel Lawful good god of Battle and Healing. Exarch of Bahamut.
Ehlonna.gif Ehlonna Neutral Good Goddess of the Woods and Forests. Daughter of Melora.
Garl_symbol.jpg Garl Glittergold Neutral Good god of Invention and Resourcefulness. Patron of the Gnomes
Untitled.jpg Nusemnee Goddess of heroism and redemption. Daughter of Zehir. Slain by Zehir. Resurrected by Pelor
Olidammara.jpg Olidammara Chaotic Neutral god of Revelry, Music and Wine.
Sira.jpg Sira Neutral Goddess of Wind and Sky.
GHDeityStCuthbert.png Cuthbert Lawful neutral god of Common Sense, Wisdom, and Zeal

Evil Greater Deities

Asmodeus_symbol_-_Lee_Moyer.jpg Asmodeus Lawful Evil god of Tyranny and Domination. Lord of Devils.
Bane_symbol_-_Mike_Schely.jpg Bane Neutral Evil God of War and Conquest. Patron of Hobgoblins.
Gruumsh_symbol_-_Mike_Schely.jpg Gruumsh Chaotic Evil God of Slaughter and Destruction. Patron of Orcs.
Lolth_symbol_-_Mike_Schely.jpg Lolth Chaotic Evil Goddess of Shadow and Lies.
Divinit__-_Simbolo_di_Tharizdun.png Tharizdun Neutral Evil God of Madness.
tiamat.png Tiamat Chaotic Evil Goddess of Greed and Envy.
Torog.jpg Torog Neutral Evil God of the Underdark.
Vecna_symbol.gif Vecna Lawful Evil God of the Undead and Necromancy.
34.jpg Zehir- Neutral Evil God of Darkness and Poison.

Evil Lesser Deities

ffamorningstar.png Hruggek Chaotic Evil god of Bugbears, mayhem and Chaos.
Maglubiyet.gif Maglubiyet Neutral Evil god of Goblins, strife, and conflict. Patron of the Bregashan Goblins.
Sharess_symbol.jpg Scyva Chaotic Evil goddess of Lust.
2317352900_01e180b0b4_m.jpg Valicia Lawful Evil goddess of Vampires and Disease. Exarch to Vecna.
blackrazor3e.jpg Kas Neutral Evil vampire god of Betrayal and former exarch of Vecna.

Dead gods

Helm_symbol.jpg Amoth former god of justice and mercy. son of pelor and erathis, slain by Valicia.
celtic_trinity_knot_by_bugskippy.jpg He who was Former ruler of Baator, Slain by Asmodeus who removed this deities name from history.
Symbol_of_Auril.jpg Khala former goddess of winter. Mother of Kord. Slain by Nerull.
Nerull.gif Nerull Former god of death. Slain by the Raven Queen.
tuern.jpg Tuern former god of war. Brother of Bane. Slain by Bane.

Other Religions

Great Old Ones Worship and deification of the otherworldly and unfathomable entities of the far realm
Gromthi Thyrnaz Literally Translates from Dwarven to Ancestor Honour, and is the worship of their ancestors
Druidic Circles The Various Circles of the Realm and their formal names.
Demon Cults The worship of Various demon princes and lesser devils


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