Nearly 1200 years ago a priest of Pelor, Aldith, issued forth a correction to the Valnari calendar used by the remnants of their empire. This new Pelorian calendar would consist of a 360 day year divided into 12 months of 30 days each. The calendar includes celestial events and the movements of Eris. The years of the calendar are commonly known by TR or Tyrian Reckoning.


Saintdae- Generally seen as a holy day in most cultures of Valnar and a day of rest and worship.

Moondae- Start of the work week in valnar, Named for the common name of Eris, the moon.

Anasdae- Named for the noticed occurrence of battles that seem to fall on this day through history.

Wainsdae- Generally considered the main market day in most parts of the world thus naming after the carts and wagons generally associated with getting goods to market.

Kordsdae- Named for the god of strength and storms as it seems to more often be raining on this day than any other.

Olidae- Named for the Minor God Olidammara, Olidae is the end of the “work week” many gatherings and festivals start or end on Olidae.

Sagedae- A day that most of Valnar sets aside for learning of all sorts.

Months and Seasons

Avand- Named for Avandra the goddess of change and luck, beginning of spring and the new year.

Ehlon- Midspring month named in honor of the daughter of melora and minor deity of Spring and seasons, Ehlonna.

Corell -Late spring month named after Corellon the elven god of magic and the fey.

Kelmar- An early summer month named after the weapon of Kord generally when most tournaments and athletic challenges are held.

Sol – Midsummer month named after Pelor.

Edarmir – Late summer month named in honor of Erathis’s fallen exarch during the dawn war.

Lorithiel – A early autumn month named after a tale of an elven maiden who changed the color of the leaves out of sadness.

Ordomar- Late Autumn month Pulled from the Dwarven calendar and in honor of Moradin.

Iomar – A late autumn month named for Io the father of Tiamat and Bahamut.

Khala- Early winter month named for the former goddess of winter and kord’s mother.

Ravnmar- A midwinter month named after the Raven Queen.

Erismar- A late winter month named after the realm of Sehanine.


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