Hrothgar Highlands – The frozen and rugged landscape of the Hrothgar Highlands are home to the various wild dwarf, human, and goliath tribes.

Ganth Hinterlands- The rugged hills of the Ganth Hinterlands are home to various orc, half orc and human barbarian tribes.

Carthian Coast- The North Western Coast of Valnar, Best known for the City State of Fairhaven and the Merchant City of Valehearth.

Tolnyr- Western coast of Valnar, Home to the Tolki Consortium a Meritocracy run by the Gnomes and Goblins of Tolnyr.

Gehlan- The beautiful but War torn land of Gehlan is embroiled in a bitter civil war over the succession of a new King.

Al-Qadir- The desert country of Al-Qadir

Ashenfall Wastes- The ash covered lands of the Ashenfall wastes are all that remains of the once powerful Magocracy known as the Turathi Empire.


Plaguemist Wilds- Once the thriving nation of Khantar it has been reduced to the strange mist covered wilds that exists today. Rumors speak of a massive black tower at the center of the mist.

Eldraith Nightmoors-

Salorin- The small nation of Salorin was once part of the Turathi Empire but their distrust of magic led to their uprising and founding of their nation.

Hakan Badlands

Kingdoms of Tyria- The lands of Tyria consist of various small kingdoms and clan holds given to constant political infighting and small wars. This has lead to the rise and fall of many kingdoms in the area.



Saelyn Reaches-


Skymarch Isles – A collection of Floating islands due west of the Carthian Coast, most people refer to it As the Republic of Valia, a half-elven nation.

Torgani Savagelands-


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