The Gods are real but distant.

While they embody a variety of facets of the world and claim dominion over these facets, The gods only exert their influence over the world through agents. These emissaries are granted divine power from the gods and seek to further the ideals and defeat the rivals of their benefactor.

Aedir is largely still untamed.

From the deserts of Al-Qadir to the frozen tundra of the Hrothgar Highlands, Wild regions are common across the world. City-states and small kingdoms make up the majority of civilization in the world. People know the area they live in very well. Beyond that the stories of travellers and merchants give them glimpses of the wider world.

Aedir is ancient.

Valnari, Turathi, Syrkosa all rose and fell leaving behind ruins and pockets of their civilization across the landscape. Various wars, natural disasters and time in general have claimed these once great empires leaving only the timeworn ruins and myths as their legacy.

Conflict shapes the world’s history.

Conflict on Aedir is as old as the world itself, from the Dawn War to the last invasion by the marauding Grudaric Horde. Religious factions, kingdoms, and shadowy societies ply their schemes. The influence of these groups fluctuates as they struggle for control. These factions agendas vary as much as the groups themselves. Some look to protect the word and bring about an age of prosperity. Others seek to plunge the world into darkness. Still others pursue more mysterious objectives. Regardless of their goals these organizations eventually clash creating conflict shaping the fate of Aedir.

Aedir is magical.

Magic pervades the world with artificer’s maintaining airships, Mage guilds in most major cities, and many arcane locations like the floating nation of Valia. Magic can be found in the simplest towns in the forms of local healers and apothecaries that carry healing potions to the more impressive golems and other arcane devices of the Tolki Consortium.


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