The Cosmology of Aedir is one that most scholars and religions agree on and it is divided in to several parts.

Astral Sea

Floating just above and outside the world is the Astral Sea. A strange silvery ocean with stars visible below. Throughout this expanse exist shimmering veils that part to reveal the dominons. These strange island like locations are home to some of the gods.

Arvandor, a realm of natural beauty and arcane energy that echos the Feywild. Home to Corellon, Sehanine, and Ehlonna, the realm seems to be as much part of the Astral Sea as it is the Feywild.

The Bright City of Hestavar is a vast metropolis where Erathis, Ioun, and Pelor make their homes. The City is a major hub for trading among the powerful residents of all the planes.

Tytherion, also known as the Endless Night, a realm of pure darkness that no light can pierce is home to Tiamat and Zehir. Dragons and serpents haunt the otherworldly wilds of this realm.

The Iron Fortress of Chernoggar is the domain of Bane in the Astral Sea with Gruumsh making his home on the eternal battle field just outside the Fortress. The souls of great warriors fight an eternal battle to raze the Impregnable fortress forever trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth.

Mount Celestia is the heavenly realm of Bahamut, Moradin, and Anadariel. Kord also spends a good deal of time here do to good relations with the other gods of this realm but his tempestuous nature prevents him from truly calling it home. It is comprised of seven plateaus marking its seven heavenly layers.

The Nine Hells of Baator is the home of Asmodeus and the devils. This place is a dark fiery world with each layer after the charred wastelands of Avernus as different as the layer above each ruled over by a different archduke. At the very bottom of the Layers lies the Fortress of Malsheem, the Citadel of Hell, within Asmodeus rules the nine hells with an iron fist.

Elemental Chaos

Below the world is the Elemental Chaos like the other side of the coin where one side is a realm of thought and spirit and the other is the raw physical being of things. The Elemental Chaos is a ever-changing storm of clashing elements. Just as the gods came from the Astral Sea the primordials come from the Elemental Chaos. After the Dawn War the primordials lost their place as the dominant power in the Elemental Chaos. As is the nature of the realm several faction fight for dominance with no end in sight.

At the bottom of the Elemental Chaos lies the Abyss a cancerous dark shard of pure evil and is home to the demons and their dark masters. As entropic as the surrounding Elemental Chaos but actively malevolent.

Aedir and its Echoes

The primordials formed the world from the raw materials of the Elemental Chaos. The gods of the Astral Sea took notice of this creation and were fascinated. As beings of thought and ideal the gods saw endless room for improvement in the primordials’ work. During this time the mortal races arose from the mixture of the gods influencing the world and the primordials shaping it. Resentful of the gods meddling in their work, the primordials began the Dawn War. This war shook the cosmos, with battles raging for uncounted centuries. The gods eventually gained the upper hand by working together to imprison or banish individual primordials.

In the last days of the Dawn War a new force made its presence known: the spiritual expression of the world itself. These spirits declared an end to the conflict, asserting the world would no longer be a battleground for the two opposing forces. The gods and the primordials were banished to their home planes. They decreed a balance: The world would remain a place where matter and spirit mingled freely, where life and death proceed in an orderly cycle, where the seasons changed in their unending wheel without interference. The gods and primodials could still influence the world, but they could not rule it.

As this new world took shape, the primordials found parts too vivid and bright and others too murky and dark. They sundered these places from the world and these pieces coalesced into the echoes of Aedir they are today.


The Feywild is an enchanted reflection of the world. Arcane energy flows through it like streams of crystal water. Its beauty and majesty is unparalleled in the world, and every creature of the wild is imbued with a measure of fantastic power. The Eladrin race is far more common in the Feywild than in the world, though they war frequently with the monstrous giants known as fomorians and their cyclops servitors, which inhabit the subterranean depths of the Feydark. Even plants in the Feywild can manifest sentience and deep wisdom, as evidenced by the majestic treants.


The Shadowfell is a dark echo of the world. It touches the world in places of deep shadow, sometimes spilling out into the world, and other times drawing hapless travelers into its dark embrace. It is not wholly evil, but everything in the Shadowfell has its dark and sinister side. When mortal creatures die, their spirits travel first to the Shadowfell before moving on to their final fate. Undead creatures have strong ties to the Shadowfell, and monsters of raw shadow stalk in the darkness there, hunting anything that lives.


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