Gehlan- A nation embroiled in civil war.

Gehlan is one of the oldest nations of western Valnar with a rich and vibrant feudal tradition. Founded nearly five hundred years prior to the start of the civil war by Alexander Rothchilde a man of great military insight and planning. Alexander conquered the land fairly quickly and became the ruler of the new nation which he named Gehlan. His lineage would rule until Alistaire the Second died with no heir to the throne.

The land itself is very diverse from the Westermarsh Swamps to green valleys of Kingsfield. Gehlan is a pleasant land of rolling green hills flanked by the northern Kahdrin Mountains and the Southland Mountains. It’s most notable feature is Lake Evelyn named after Alexander’s first wife.

The once great kingdom of Gehlan fell apart after King Alistaire Frederic Rothchilde II was killed by an unknown assassin nearly 10 years ago. The vassals and lords of the lands turned upon each other launching the land into the current civil war.

The current factions of this civil war are: the Stourton Family lead by Lord Nicholas Stourton the current baron of Oxley, The Andoverans lead by Duke Peregrine Cavendish the Duke of Andover, and finally the Loyalist lead by Lord Roland Graham Duke of Somerset.

The Stourton Family is a relatively small but powerful faction who claims legitimacy to the throne through a bastard child of one of the Rothchildes though this claim is unsubstantiated. Regardless Lord Nicholas Stourton is determined to become the King of Gehlan no matter what it takes. His faction has recently been gaining some headway against the other two due to an unknown outside backer supplying help in the form of resources and men. The Barony of Oxley is located at the foot of the Khadrin Mountains near the River Landris and encompasses the third largest City in the area, Sunderland.

The Andoverans reject the claim of the Stourtons and stand firm that they should rule simply because they are the wealthiest and most powerful of all the Vassals. Lord Peregrine Cavendish is a stern heavy handed ruler of his lands which concerns the other vassals. He has gotten some outside support from the nearby kingdom of Salorin in return for assistance against the Ashenfall wastes. The Dutchy of Andover is situated to the south of the Severn River and includes Devonshire one of the most populous cities in the area.

The Loyalists argue that they should become the new royal lineage due to the fact they can trace their lineage back to one of Alexander Rothchilde’s closest allies Tomlin Graham a general and later vassal during Alexander’s rule. Lord Roland Graham is considered by most to be a good and godly man as he is a devout follower of Bahamut, the god of nobility and justice. The Dutchy of Somerset actually encompasses the Capital City of Gehlan, Alexandria as well as most of the coastline of Gehlan.


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