Homebrewed Rules

This section will contain links and actual rules for the homebrewed portions of the game.

New Alchemical items

Blastpatch- Small crystaline shards that explode when crushed causing damage and slowing movement. DC 15 dex check or take 1d6 fire damage and reduces your movement to 0 until the start of your next turn. Dc 15 perception to see the shards.
Price: 100gp per one use. (Fills 1 square)

Smoke Stick- creates a 15 foot cube of smoke centered on the stick. The smoke is considered lightly obscured. Lasts one minute.
Price: 30gp.

Tanglefoot Bag- a bag of black tar like substance that envelopes whatever its thrown at making movement very difficult. DC 15 dex check or be restrained until they make a DC10 str or dex check. On a miss or when targeting the ground it becomes difficult terrain for 1 minute.
Price: 125 gp.

Thunderstone- A yellowish crystal roughly the size of a throwing rock that erupts into a thunderous crash when thrown. DC 12 con check or become stunned until the end of your next turn.
Price: 175gp.

Instant rope- greyish liquid that when poured out becomes a thick 100 foot rope that lasts for 10 minutes before dissolving.
Price: 30gp.

Homebrewed Rules

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