Most of the Information here will be from the point of view of Eobard Wainright, A bard and scholar from Fairhaven.

Valnar- Named for the Ancient Valnari Empire and home to a wide variety of cultures and races. The lands of Valnar are as varied as its people. Its cultures ranging from the Sorceror Kings of Al-Qadir to the Rugged Highlanders of the Hrothgar Highlands.

Aztal- A land shrouded in mystery with only rumors of a large civilization advanced in its own right but nonetheless savage and massive jungles harboring primitive tribes.

Karnan- Ever embroiled in war the Continent of Karnan is home to the Ryzan Empire and the Kingdom of Aldan. Much of the land is covered in mountainous forests and rugged vales ravaged by constant war.

Elyria- Scarred by the Destruction of Syrkosa, much of Elyria is covered in deserts only the most western portions of the land seem to be fertile and support life. Genasi of all types hail from these lands having been touched by the raw elemental magic that pervades the lands.

Nordheim- The ancestral home of the Giants of Aedir and home to the powerful Bearfolk. These two cultures offer a stark contrast from the massive structures of the Frost Giants to the more primal bearfolk. The land itself is mostly snow covered mountains and forests with a few pockets of civilization.

Xian Tao- South of Valnar is Xian Tao, very little is known of Xian Tao as most of its shore is shrouded in mists and fog. Few travelers that have made it through and returned to tell the tale speak of untold treasure and beauty in this strange land.

Idris- Just west of Valnar lies Idris, Current home of the Fire Giant Kingdom of the same name. Idris is covered in various volcanoes with tropical jungles and forests surrounding them. The Fire Giants of Idris allow humanoids to live on their lands as Serfs.

Syrkosa- Better known as the Dragonshard Isles, this chain of islands was once the epicenter of Draconic power in Aedir until the destruction of Edarhuthri the capital city of the Syrkosan Empire. These islands are the only homeland most Dragonborn have.


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