Tolnyr- Home to the Tolki Consortium, this small nation is situated just south of the Carthian Coast between the Bregash Mountains and the Kahdrin Mountains. The strange alliance between the Tolnyr gnomes and the raki goblins is the cornerstone of the Tolki Consortium.

Nearly two hundred years ago a tribe of goblins, the Raki, broke rank with others of their kind and offered assistance to the gnome kingdom of Tolnyr during one of the invasions of the Bregashan Goblin horde. At first the gnome were wary of this offer until the Raki revealed what they could against the Bregashan Horde including information on its current warchief. The gnomes agreed to work with the Raki until the Bregashan horde was dealt with. The Raki goblins proved to be extremely cunning and intelligent beyond what others thought goblins capable of. Through the use of alchemy and magic of both the gnomes and raki goblins the massive horde was broken. It’s leader a Hobgoblin named Moraag the Vile was killed by goblin and gnomish adventurers known only as Hargraves Company.

After defeating the Bregashan horde the gnomes realized the raki were true to their word which surprised them. Shortly after came the creation of the Tolki Consortium to cement their unlikely alliance. The Consortium is currently led by a goblin inventor and alchemist named Grakzat. They maintain good relations with Valia and Fairhaven.

Settlements and locations-

Vaasa- the major port city of Tolnyr. Known for its strange vertical design and the airships that made it and Valia famous. Much less chaotic than Narvick due to the influence of the gnomish tinkerer’s guild and the wayfarers guild. The city is the main port for all of Tolnyr and is one of the most culturally diverse places. Narvick- Capital city of Tolnyr. Strange and spawling city incorporating goblin, gnome, and Valnari architecture. The patchwork of architecture is interspersed with strange smoke, small explosions and frantic inventor rushing to and from buildings. To say this place is strange is an understatement but to adventurers it is a wonderful place to find adventures of all sorts.

Gariv’s Crossing- more of a massive market than a city and is protected by a large contingent of goblins and bugbears from the Raki tribe. Goods and rarities from all over can be found in this strange market city.

Tjor Pines- Just south of Vaasa is the Tjor Pines a strange forest and home to many of the forest gnomes of Tolnyr who generally live in very small familial villages and are simple nature loving folk.

Bregash Peaks- This Forested mountain range is home to various goblinoid races that raid the towns and cities of Tolnyr from time to time. A few ancient hobgoblin fortresses can be found along the mountain peaks.

Kahdrin Mountains- These mountains mark the southern border of Tolnyr. Despite being home to various dangerous creatures the Kahdrin mountains are mined for its iron and other precious resources. The main mountain pass through to the south is known as Griffon’s Rest due to the large amount of griffons in the area. Strangely though the Griffons seem to leave those who stay on the path alone.

Acadian Woods- the largest forest of Tolnyr is just south of the Bregash Mountains. This dense forest is known for its strange connection with the feywild. Malicious fey creatures are known to inhabit the forest and tales of strange disappearances are common in the area.

Ruins of Orthyr- Ancient Valnari ruins to in the southeastern portion of Tolnyr. Destroyed during their war with the Rokaran goblin empire. Some of the Alorin operatives live near by to prevent anything from entering or leaving the ruins.


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